Monday, November 23, 2015

November 23, 2015

This week has been good. We have been traveling around a lot. To Salzburg and Ansfelden and such. There hasn't been that much designated lessons tracking or street contacting. We try to talk to people on the trains as much as we can.

I love every single kind of weather, except for hot and wind. I love it when it rains. It has snowed twice. It has been pretty good I have been using my jacket a lot though.

We did knock on a door and the lady answered it with not pants on. It was so funny! She sent her kid to the door after that.

The Persians are doing really good we had 11 people in church this Sunday!! 4 of which were the Persians! In priesthood we asked them if they believed what we were teaching them was true. They said 100% they believe it. I have no doubt they meant it. The ward is awesome over here. They take the time to translate for them and answer there questions.

Rumy is still on for baptism but he's been in Vienna for a couple of days playing music.

In zone conference President Kohler talked to us about Paris. He said now is the best time to teach people, when they need comfort and have a lot of questions. We are not in direct danger from what happened in Paris but we are supposed to be ready in case something happens. President Kohler talked about how all of the Middle East is fleeing from their countries because of all the war and terrorism. A lot go to Germany and going through Salzburg is how they get to Germany. He mentioned how we can't teach the people in the Middle East but the Lord is brining them to us so the teachings can get to the entire Earth.

We still haven’t gotten another bike but one of the inactive members, BrĂ¼der Ivanoeski, gave us two snow bikes and two sleds! The sleds are vintage and soooo Coooool! There is so much vintage stuff over here mom would die!! We have been helping him a lot with his house.

We have a big meal for Thanksgiving with the district and zone leaders. Then played some football after.

This week Elder Albrecht and I translated and a live talk from England. Elder Russell Ballard spoke and it was really good! He challenged all the people watching to bring one person or family to sacrament meeting the Sunday before Christmas. I would normally think this to be hard but after being out here I realize how easy it is! So, I'm challenging you to bring someone to church that is ether less active or not a member. Good Luck!

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