Sunday, April 9, 2017

April 4, 2017

Hello everyone! I hope you're all doing great! My week has been pretty okay. My trainee has been learning a lot, and can understand the language a lot better now.

Montag- we had district meeting in the morning, and we had to leave a little early to make it to a member appointment with the family Schär. Then we found a little bit, and taught an investigator some German. After that we finished weekly planning.

Dienstag- P- day. We took a train to Bern to go to the temple with the district. It was really nice to get away from the noisy world for a bit. After that we went to Basel for a while. In the evening we found

Mittwoch- we studied, ate, then went by some investigators, members, and less actives, then we did 12 weeks in the park. 12 weeks is a training booklet for new missionaries from the church. After that we took a train to Basel for an Austausch with the Basel Elders. We helped some members in the Basel Ward move into their new apartment, then tausched. Elder Visconti from France came with me back to Liestal, and Elder Vogel stayed with Elder England in Basel. When we got back, we ate some dinner, and talked for a bit before going to bed.

Donnerstag- in the morning we studied, then took a bus to Giebenach for a member appointment. It was really great, and the food was just fantastic! :) after we had an appointment with an investigator in Giebenach. It went really well. After the appointment we had to wait for the bus, but it wasn't going to come for 30 minutes, so we decided
to try and hitch hike. After about five cars someone actually stopped, and took us back to Liestal hahaha! It was pretty great, and we actually got the persons number to try and meet with them! When we got back we went by a Turkish investigator family. The mother was not home, but the husband was, so we had a lesson with him. He had already
read the some of the Book of Mormon, and thought it was really good! After we Tausched back, and the had another appointment with an investigator.

Freitag- we studied, did some weekly planning, then went and found a bit. After we came back to finish weekly planning, then had dinner with a part member family. After we gave a lesson to the Husband, because he is the nonmember. It went well.

Samstag- we played soccer in the morning with our district, investigators, and some members. It was really fun! After that we went back home to eat lunch, and study. Then we went to do a little work in Rheinfelden, in the evening we had a member appointment fall out, so we went to the church to watch general conference.

Sonntag- we basically watched general conference all day long!!! We did a little finding in between sessions.