Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September 30, 2015

The language is pretty hard but I think I'm doing ok. The temple is pretty nice but I like St. George better. We can do sessions in German but we haven't yet. We watch all of General Conference but not sure how it will work out with the time difference. My district is pretty awesome; I love all of them! There is Sister Pascal from Denmark, Sister Hofmockel from France, Sister Miller from Portland, Elder Lucas from England, Elder Evans from Whales (aka my best friend here; he is awesome!!!), Elder Cardon from Provo, Elder Latort from France, and my companions Elder Melville and Elder Johnston. Our teachers are Brother Quilter and Sister Fredrickson. They are awesome aswell. Everyone uses Elder Latort to write love letters for them to send home…haha (sense he is from France) Elder Evans is also an Olympic weight lifter at home so we lift and play ping pong together. The Chef plays ping pong with us. He has names his paddle Sting. It’s sunny half of the time and cloudy the other half. It has only rained probably three times though. Yesterday was the saddest day of me being here because all of the two weekers left. We all miss Brother Eibish from Germany so much! I traded ties with him before he left. He taught me how to hand wash my ties. There is this drink called Yimto. We have it like 3 times a day. I’m going to have to find it when I get home. I have some pictures attached, ENJOY!!


Wednesday, September 23, 2015

September 23, 2015

Well, the flight on the way over here was good. There was an LDS guy at the airport in Denver that bought us food because we were missionaries! :D The flight on the way over from Newark, NJ to Manchester was forever long!! When we got here the weather was awesome! It is like 80 degrees. It feels good to get out of the heat for once. Then we had a welcoming meeting and got our name tags and everything we need. I have two companions Elder Melville and Elder Johnston. They are pretty cool! Elder Melville is from Idaho and Elder Johnston is from Montana. They are both in college and are fun to be around. We play fußball (soccer) every day! Some of the Elders are pretty good. There are people from all over like France, Germany, Whales and China. There is only about 30 of us so we are all best friends!! One of my best friends is from Whales he is an Olympic weight lifter. A typical day is wake up, eat, go to class study German, eat, study German, eat, then go to bed. The MTC President still remembers Spencer Stirling and says he loves him! He said when he was leaving the MTC he gave the prayer and said, "I didn't know that I would have to leave my family twice." The President wrote that in his journal. It is really true though; we are all a family! We learn German everyday, all day! I have never had to do something so hard as to learn a language. It is so hard!!! I've already taught 2 legit lessons in full German and can say whatever I need to say. We pray and sing in German. I pretty much only talk in German now….haha! Elder Eibisch (a-bish) from Germany loves my socks and wallet because they are floral. He is so funny. They are so chill at this MTC. We can have whatever kind of hair and wear whatever kind of ties. The food is amazing, we get homemade food every single meal! The chef is a professional opera singer so he sings all the time. We get snack time before bed too! There is a really cool pond we get to look at every time we eat. My p-days are Wednesday. We get to go to the Temple, while in town we get an allowance to go do whatever. It is awesome! Today will be my first p-day.


Sunday, September 20, 2015

Saying Good Bye

Elder Ashcroft left for his mission on Wednesday Sept 16, 2015 at 7:30 AM from the St. George Municipal Airport. He had a few connecting flights but landed at the England MTC on Thursday September 17, 2015.

A few quotes from Addison on his way to the airport that morning.

"What if President Hinckley faked his own death and is a lunch lady at the MTC."
"Do you think Easy Eddie would fly first class."
"You know what? I am going to feel real sad for all those ladies that can't date me for two year."

Also in true Addison fashion he forgot his wallet at home. One wake up call later, to his Aunt and Uncle, it was rushed over from Hurricane and TSA ran it to him in time for the plane doors to close.

He was traveling with another Elder and Sister missionary from the area. When they got to Denver there was a nice man that gave them his cell phone to use so they could call home. So, thankful to that good Samaritan to help ease family worries.

We got out first, very short, email the very next morning.

Hey I just got to the MTC. It is pretty awesome! There's a lot of Elders from around England and they love American accents. I got my name tags and they are pretty cool but the Elders that have Greek ones are even cooler.

We are so proud of our missionary and the choice he has made to serve our Father in Heaven.

~ The Ashcroft's