Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September 30, 2015

The language is pretty hard but I think I'm doing ok. The temple is pretty nice but I like St. George better. We can do sessions in German but we haven't yet. We watch all of General Conference but not sure how it will work out with the time difference. My district is pretty awesome; I love all of them! There is Sister Pascal from Denmark, Sister Hofmockel from France, Sister Miller from Portland, Elder Lucas from England, Elder Evans from Whales (aka my best friend here; he is awesome!!!), Elder Cardon from Provo, Elder Latort from France, and my companions Elder Melville and Elder Johnston. Our teachers are Brother Quilter and Sister Fredrickson. They are awesome aswell. Everyone uses Elder Latort to write love letters for them to send home…haha (sense he is from France) Elder Evans is also an Olympic weight lifter at home so we lift and play ping pong together. The Chef plays ping pong with us. He has names his paddle Sting. It’s sunny half of the time and cloudy the other half. It has only rained probably three times though. Yesterday was the saddest day of me being here because all of the two weekers left. We all miss Brother Eibish from Germany so much! I traded ties with him before he left. He taught me how to hand wash my ties. There is this drink called Yimto. We have it like 3 times a day. I’m going to have to find it when I get home. I have some pictures attached, ENJOY!!


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