Sunday, October 11, 2015

October 7, 2015


These are a few questions we asked to get the ball rolling on conversation....

1. What was your favorite talk in conference?
2. How is your German coming?
3. Are all the missionaries that you talked about last week going to the same mission?
4. What is your favorite food that you get to have?
5. How is your washing of your clothes going?
6. Have you gotten any new missionaries in yet?
7. Have you spent any of your euros yet?
8. You haven't forgotten that we love you have you?
9. What is church like there on Sundays?
10. What is you Sunday like?

Here are his answers:

1. The one about mothers was my favorite! It was really good! The only one we watched live was the Saturday morning session.

2. The German is good but I learned that the language doesn't matter as much in the MTC it will come latter. I need to focus on the Spirit so that the Lord can mold me into what he wants me to be. All I can do is try to be worthy of that. Why try and give god only half the wheel when you could accomplish so much more?

3. No they were just going to English speaking missions like Scotland, Ireland, London, etc...

4. Every once in a while they do American food day and that’s my favorite!! There are hamburgers and fries (the Brits call them chips) and its really good. The home made pizza is really good too!

5. It is easy and fine.

6. Yeah they are all pretty much going to London South. There are only like 2 cool ones.

By the way a sister missionary from Austria, Sister Lehmann (my favorite sister missionary cuz she helps me with my German a lot), knows some Scholzen’s from back home. Her ward is in my mission so we might serve there.

7. No they use pounds here but I traded my us money for pounds with no charge. They don't charge for it over here. I did get a bathrobe and some other stuff though.

8. NO!

9. We just have sacrament and priesthood meeting then study the rest of the day.

10. I like changing the routine up anyway I can so Sundays are good. Some days it feels like I’m in one of those movies where the day keeps replaying until you do something right.

Some of the Elder's wore the suits in side out for my Birthday.
They bought me this candy pizza and large Vimto drink. I also got a giant cinnamon roll made for me by the chef.


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