Sunday, October 18, 2015

October 14, 2015

Elder Ashcroft has never been one for many words. We have been helping him out with questions again this week. Here are a few:

What has been your most spiritual experience there so far?

It was at the priesthood meeting this last Sunday. We all talked about when we got our mission calls.

How is the German?

It is going pretty good! I was using all the German words but I was using them in English word order. I have now learned how to use them in the correct word order, which can be really weird. I have also learned how to use past tense and future tense now.

How is your teaching coming along?

It is going really well. Elder Evans got a Bible thrown at him by a Muslim….hahaha! Yeah, a German speaking Muslim! Like that’s believable!! We did get one to commit to baptism though.

His email was also hacked by a few fellow Elder’s. Some of the information we got out of them was:

  • He is called Sasquatch.
  • They didn’t believe he is adopted. Due to the fact he looks too much like his Mum (Mom).
  • and he is addicted to the Vimto drink. (not surprising for him.)

We found the England MTC facebook page. There are some pictures of the facility and the missionaries there. We came across a picture of our Elder. A lot of people were commenting on how content he looks. President Preston had commented back and said, “he is more than content.” We are so blessed with the resources we have to give us reassurance he is okay and doing well.

This was our week with Elder Ashcroft. He has a little under 2 weeks left at the MTC. Thanks for all the prayers and support.

The Ashcroft Family

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