Wednesday, March 22, 2017

March 20, 2017

Hallo! I'm doing pretty good still, and we had another pretty good
week! :) we were also able to make some good progress with some of our
investigators. Some other news is that I'm going to be training again!
I'm happy, but also kinda sad! :( I will miss all of the British
things elder jest does, and says haha! My new companion is German, so
that'll be an adventure! :)

Montag- we went to Basel, to a crazy huge festival called Fastnacht.
It was so much fun! I'll attach a video, or some pictures. In the
evening we had a member appointment with the family Wiesner. After
that we had a really good appointment with one of our investigators
named Mohammed. He really is a good guy, and  very humble

Dienstag- we had district meeting in Basel, then an Austausch with the
Basel elders. I was with elder England from England (no pun intended),
and elder Jest stayed in Basel with elder Visconti.  Elder England and
I had two appointments fall out, so we did some finding.

Mittwoch- the studied, and then Tausched back. After that we taught
one of our investigators, Issam. He is such a good guy! He already has
a strong testimony of the church, and the Book of Mormon. Sadly we
found out that he will probably have to leave Switzerland. :( after
the lesson, he bought us some pizza.

Donnerstag- we had studies, and then went to have lunch with the
Dätwylers. The are a pretty old couple, and they're so nice. She is
one of the best cooks I've ever met, and he was the mission president
of the St. Petersburg, Russia mission! after that we went to
Rheinfelden where we had an appointment fall out, then we had a lesson
with a couple that we are teaching, that we found dooring! After that
we had another appointment fall through, then we had a lesson with
Issam, then after that with Herr Bergamini.

Freitag- we studied, then helped a member family transport some things
for their business. After that we had weekly planning, then ended the
day with a member appointment/investigator lesson.

Samstag- we left pretty early to do a service project for two of our
investigators. It was really good, and we got to know them a lot
better. After that we took a train to Basel to help with a street
display. In the train we realized that we forgot the phone, and it was
the day we were supposed to get transfer calls... Face palm! Hahaha
but we got to Basel, and found out the news for transfers. We had a
really good time doing the street display in Basel, and had quite a
bit of success. Then the Zone leaders, and us went to the church, and
had a baptismal interview for one of our investigators, Issam.
Everything went great! :) after that we went home, ate studied, made
calls, and found.

Sonntag- Sunday was great! After church we went to a members for lunch
with one of our investigators. It was great to see them all bond, and
it made our job a lot easier! We had a lesson after that which went
pretty well. In the evening we studied, and had a lesson with Issam.

March 16, 2017

First of all I would just like to apologize that I have not been able
to respond to some of your guy's emails for the past couple weeks. It
has just been crazy here and I haven't had time! :P I am doing great,
and we are having a lot of success! The weather has been warming up a
little which is also good. :) we have mainly been working with three
investigators since I have been here, and they are all working towards
baptism. Issam from Tunisia  will be baptized on the 18th of March,
Brother Bergamini is Italian, but has grown up here in Switzerland. He
is an eternal investigator, and hasn't been baptized because of his
smoking problem. We have finally got him to stop smoking, and he is
really excited that he can now be baptized! :) he has a baptismal date
for the 25th of March, then there is Brother Rudschuck from Germany.
He is in a pretty complicated situation. He was excommunicated when he
was younger, but he is about 60 now, and knows that it's true. He has
a really strong testimony, and wants to g baptized again, but the
problem is that he lives with his Swiss girlfriend(pretty much his
wife), and she doesn't want to get married because she is unsure, and
has had problems in the past with marriage. But Brother Rudschuck has
a baptismal date for the 22nd of April.

I am loving it here in Pratteln and I'm doing really well! I will try
and get to your guy's emails today! :) if you ever need anything I'm
always here! :) Schöne Wochli!

Monday, March 6, 2017

March 6, 2017 Pictures

February 14, 2017

This week has been pretty good! Pratteln (my new area) is doing really
well! It is a little cold, but it is slowly getting warmer.

Montag- we went shopping on the German side of Basel to get everything
for the Month. After that we went to the church in Basel, and wrote
emails. In the evening we had dinner with Bruder Rudschuck, and his
girlfriend. It was really good, and we got to know them quite better.
He is going to get baptized on the 22 of April, but he needs to get
married first!

Dienstag- we had district lunch where we all brought stuff to make
Tacos. After that we had district meeting. It was good to meet the
district, and it was nice to get to know the district better. Then we
got home, and had the Thompsons (a mission couple) repair one of our
doorways in our apartment. After that, we had a lesson fall out, then
we had a lesson with one of our investigators, Jose. He is from
Cabinda in Africa, and is really nice! He just needs to accept
commitments. Then we had another appointment fall out, but this time
with a member. We decided to go dooring, and found a really cool
family from Afghanistan. They let us in, and we shared a message about
the family. They enjoyed it, and actually invited us to come back to
eat! :)

Mittwoch- we went to Rheinfelden, and went by some potentials, less
actives, and did quite a bit of dooring. We were able to have a couple
lessons, with return appointments, so hopefully we can go make some
progress with them. After that, we studied a bit more, and then taught
some investigators German. In the evening we ate Raclette with one of
the Wiesner families. It was supper good!

Donnerstag-  in the morning we had a lesson with Issam in the library.
He is from Tunisia, and also has a baptismal date. He already has a
testimony of the Book of Mormon, he just needs to understand the
principles, and doctrines more. Then we had lunch with a member. After
that, we went by a potential that wanted a Book of Mormon in Aresdorf,
and left her a book with a note, because she wasn't home. After that
we had two lessons fall out, but we made some calls, and had dinner
with the older Rudin family.

Freitag- we studied, then had lunch with the bishop, which was good
because he wasn't at church on Sunday so I finally got to meet him. It
went really well, and we were able to talk a lot about the work, and
the ward. Then we had weekly planning, and had a lesson with a member,
and an investigator named Annette. We tried to go by a potential after
that, but her husband wasn't home.

Samstag- we had 6 lessons fall out!!!..... But it was still ok,
because we played soccer with some investigators, helped and elderly
women mover her chopped wood into stacks, and had a Skype meeting with
the zone leaders, and other district leaders.

Sonntag- after church, we had a member appointment with Issam there
also. It was good to get a relationship going between him, and the
members. :) after we taught about the life of Jesus Christ, and the
atonement. After that we had a lesson fall out, so we studied a little
bit, and then had dinner with the Stahl Family.