Wednesday, February 8, 2017

February 6, 2017

This week has been pretty crazy, but a lot of fun! The good thing is
that the weather is starting to warm up again. Last Saturday we got
transfer calls, and I got transferred back to Switzerland. My new area
is called Pratteln, and is only about 20 minutes away from my old
area! The church is in Pratteln, but we live in Liestal.

Montag- we packed most everything, emailed, cleaned, and had a lesson
with Jeremy in the evening. They invited us to McDonalds after so we
ate there for dinner.

Dienstag- we took a train at 8:56 all the way to Freiburg for my last
district meeting in the Freiburg district! :( it was a really good
district meeting though. Elder Fröbel is the new district leader
there, and I'm sure he'll keep the district doing good work. After the
meeting we had District lunch together, and everyone brought
something. Then Elder Hofeling and I booked it back to Bad Säckingen
so I could unregister from Germany, then we went home, packed a little
more, then went to a visit a new convert family, the Rehms.

Mittwoch- we took a train at 6:55 and went to Zürich. I stayed in
Zürich for a couple of hours before heading to Pratteln with elder
Jest.  When we got there, I unpacked, then we went to go play
volleyball with some investigators, but couldn't find them, so we
found for a while, and then went to institute in the evening to get to
know some members, and the new district better.

Donnerstag- after studies, we went with a member to go home teach a
less active. Then we had lunch with the Dätwyler familie. Then we had
two lessons fall out, so we found, and called some people.

Freitag- we went to the Temple in the morning with the Bern zone
leaders. It was really nice, and good to be back in my old area! After
that we found, had one lesson fall out, had another lesson, and did
weekly planning.

Samstag- after studies, we had lunch with the familie Schoch, then
went by some people in their town that we have as potentials. Then we
took a train to Läufelfingen and went by people there, and had quite a
bit of success! :) after that we had three lessons, and finished

Sonntag- we had Ward mission correlation meeting before church. It was
awesome to see four of our investigators in church also! One of them
had to work all night long driving taxi, and still came to church!
After church we broke our fast with the familie Wiesner, then brother
Schulz came and picked us up and we taught his family a small
spiritual thought also. After that we had a lesson fall out, so we
called some people, and went by a potential, then had language study.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

January 16, 2017

 Montag- we studied, then headed downtown, to get lunch, and email.
We got some Döners, a Turkish meal, that's really good. After that we
headed over to the Rehm's home to get some signatures for baptismal
records from the two daughters, which took a while, because one of the
bike tires is flat, and we haven't had time to try and repair it yet.
Then in the evening we had a lesson with our supper mega golden
family! The family Schwarz. Since we've been teaching the family
Schwarz we have talked about them every Sunday in church, and the
members are all fighting to try and come joint teach with them hahaha!
The lesson went quite well. We taught the Plan of Salvation.

   Dienstag- we woke up a half an hour early to make it to the train
for zone training in Singen. Once we got there, we ate breakfast, and
studied a little at the train station, because our train gets there
and hour early. Zone training was ok! It was a random surprise zone
training, because we've already had one this transfer, and president
decided to do a spontaneous one so that we could be introduced to a
new self reliance program that our mission is going to try. I'm really
excited for it, because it has had a lot of success with members, and
it seems good. After zone training we took a train with the Offenburg
elders all the way back to Offenburg for an Austausch (exchange). The
train ride through the beautiful fresh snow covered Black Forest. It
really feels like a fairy tale when it's covered in snow! I was with
elder Fröbel from Germany. Elder Fröbel and I went to Freiburg with an
investigator, to play indoor soccer with some members. It was so much
fun. The crazy part was that there was a guy from Zürich Switzerland
there that looked exactly like Tobias Anderson, if you happen to know
who that is. Which I funny, because they both come from Switzerland,
and are really good at soccer hah! After that we came back, and had
dinner and planned. We spent 8 hours in trains that day!

    Mittwoch- after studies we had steaks for lunch, then split up.
Elder Fröbel and I had 4 lessons with investigators, and the other
elders had 2 lessons, and went finding the rest of the time. After we
all got home we planned, ate, then played some Schach or chess in

     Donnerstag- we studied, and then took a train back to Bad Säckingen.

     Freitag- just a normal day of finding, and weekly planning. We
also talked with Elder Moreno from Basel, and he is going to come
teach one of are investigators in Italian about once a week. We are
really excited! :) she we hopefully start making more progress.

     Samstag- was also a pretty normal day. We were able to meet with
three new converts, and help support them.

     Sonntag- we had an awesome time at church. And were able to meet
with our new Ward mission leader which went really great!