Thursday, November 19, 2015

November 13, 2015

Zurich Apartment Balcony
....Our Questions for him this week....

  • How come only 1 bike between you?.....Because idk!?! Haha
  • Can you apply for a driver's license?.....Yes, we are supposed to get one.
  • Do you cook at home?.....Not really.
  • Do the members feed you?.....Yes about once a week.
  • Are the Persian men - Christians or Muslim?.....They are Muslims but they don't practice it.
  • How is your companion? Who does he remind you of?.....He is really cool. Um…Brayden Jocylen


We invited Rumy to baptism and committed him for December 13th! Which is really crazy! We also got our hair cut today in a Turkish barber shop. We taught all of them for a good hour about our church. They were asking really hard questions. They were all really nice. The Persians are going great. They are really advancing and learning a lot. There is one other person that is ready for baptism. We will be asking him next time. Our zone goal for baptisms before the end of the year is 9. We have 8 areas in our zone so that'd be crazy! Hopefully we can just do our best. I have learned too much this week to write about it all. One thing I can say I’ve learned is the best way to find interest in the people. It is to find out what they believe and build off of that then relate it to our church. When they understand that you are there to help them come closer to God, not just to baptism, them they are a lot more receptive!

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