Wednesday, August 31, 2016

August 29, 2016

Montag- we didn't really do to much. We did emails then looked for a barber shop to get my hair cut but they are all closed on Mondays! :( Then we finished making a song for zone training. We also went grocery shopping. In the evening we had a member appointment by the Kamms. It was really good because they also invited a brother Biagio, a new convert, and his wife. She is not a member but that will hopefully change! ;) After, we came back and talked with the Biagio's for a bit and had ice cream. Then we went back home.

Dienstag- we took a train in the morning to Singen for zone training, which was really really good! We go to Singen instead of Zürich because not everyone has Swiss train tickets. That makes it a lot cheaper for the German missionaries and saves the church money. After zone training we ate a little lunch and then headed home on a train. When we got back Biagio hooked me up with a €10 haircut from his Italian friend. That took about 20 minutes then we finished studies, planing and then had dinner.

Mittwoch- in the morning we had personal study then went down to Innenstadt on our bikes. We got me an meldet, telling the state that I have arrived in Germany, there. Then we took a train to Beugen to go by one of our investigators. She happened to not be home because of the vacation. So we doored a bunch of houses then took a train back to Bad Säckingen. Then we had an appointment with a Swiss less active fall out so we had to tell our joint teach. We came home to eat, have comp. and language study, then went by on Frau Ebner. She is Mexican, it's at this point that I wish I would've actually learned Spanish back home. She is married to a German and they have a family here. She was supposably baptized into our church back in Mexico or something but there are no records of anything. She might have to be baptized again. The members have been working with the church headquarters to find out. They are also going to write her old bishop because her parents were members. She happened to not be home so we had dinner then planned for the next day.

Donnerstag- we went on a bunch of Vorbei's and went finding. In the evening we had a member appointment in the beautiful town of Laufenburg. It's nice to still have Switzerland in my area! :)

Freitag- we had weekly planning then rode our bikes to Sisseln Switzerland and doored for a bit. We then met up with Lorrenz, an investigator. After that we rode back to Bad Säckingen and had a lesson with Biagio and Magerita.

Samstag- in the morning we rode over to the Rehm's house and had a lesson with them. They are really really cool! I think that they'll get baptized. We are going to set a baptismal date with them when they are all together. After that we visited Frau Ebner. We had a lesson with her and her son. We also got to know the husband. They made us food which was really nice of them! :) Then we rode back and went street contacting for a little bit.

Sonntag- church was really good. Frau Ebner and her son Alexander showed up! After church we had a big pot luck because Steven had a birthday. He is special and doesn't have family so the ward supports him a lot! He is really awesome and loves giving hugs! Haha…We made some salsa and guacamole, which turned out pretty well. Then we went home and had studies. Then Steven’s home teacher and our ward mission leader came and picked us up to go over to Stevens for a party.

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