Saturday, August 27, 2016

August 22, 2016

I'm doing ok. I'm a little sick but it's not to bad. My new comp. is from Provo. That makes my second comp from Utah. This is the only companion I've had so far where I speak better German than. The people here are more closed off than in Linz and Zollikofen. It is really beautiful and our area goes into Switzerland, so we go there sometimes to find. They speak Schwäbisch, Badisch, Swiss German, and High German. I can understand High and Swiss German. The other two I can't understand yet. It is a Branch here with about 40 members. The church is above a bank. We also have bikes. The apartment is pretty nice but it is dirty from other missionaries so I am in the process of cleaning it out. I'll send pictures once it's clean. My comp. has until February but he can choose to extend if he wants.

Two more of the Persians we found were baptized this week! I wasn't able to be there for it but Elder Bensing, who is already done with his mission, came back down from Germany to baptize them. We found them through the baptism of the other Persians. They are really awesome!

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