Wednesday, June 1, 2016

May 30, 2016

Well I've had a pretty good run for my money here in Linz but I guess it's time to move on! :(.. I have learned so much here! It's gonna be hard to leave this place. It's time to move on, learn more and help other people. :) I guess I'll kinda go through a summary of my week.

On Monday we went shopping, then emailed and got our hair cut by some Turkish people. I'm telling’ ya Turkish people are amazingly good at cutting hair!! It's a gift! After that we took a train to Ansfelden to visit the Bachmayers. They fed us and we taught their son it was really good. :) We taught about our Heavenly Father and how he loves us. At the end of the lesson we sang I am a Child of God together.

On Tuesday we had district meeting and then visited Mario, a member, the gospel of Jesus Christ. After, we had GMK (ward mission correlation meeting) at the church.

On Wednessday we had two appointments with investigators fall out so we stayed home because Elder Bensing was still pretty sick. In the evening we visited the Lipp family, which went really awesome! Little did I know that the wife was from the area I am going to next and still has family there. They gave us some Swiss chocolate before we went home, which was amazing! :D

On Thursday we did a service for the Erlacher's in Enns then had dinner with the missionary couple in Linz.

On Friday we did more service for another Erlacher family then went and had a member appointment that night with another Erlacher family.

On Saturday we got transfer calls in the morning and... I'm going to Zollikofern Switzerland! Where the temple is. My new companion is Elder Kilgore, another German companion, haha! After studies we went to Ansfelden to have lunch with the Obermayers, then a lesson feel through with an investigator. Later that night we went to a member appointment with the family Harbon in Enns. Sunday the sisters (because they are taking the sisters out of Linz) and I gave our leaving testimonies in sacrament meeting. It was so sad to say goodbye to everyone! The members are my family away from home! After church we had a ward potluck, which the ward does every Fifth Sunday of the month. It
turned out really well. After we said goodbye to the Persians, which was so so sad!!! :(... It is amazing to see how far they've come. They will be receiving the priesthood in two weeks and have already been interviewed. :) They thanked us so much for teaching them because it "changed their lives.” Then we went home and I packed a little.


The spiritual thought for the week is about this quote "Nobody is likely to change, unless they are invited to do so." -Keine Ahnung
A lot of people are sometimes scared to ask certain things because of the answer that they might get or because they think their relationship with the person is at stake. But if we just sit back nothing is likely to happen. I have especially learned how to get over being scared of these things this transfer (mainly because I have a German Companion, hahaha!) and we have seen so much more success because of that. For example we have been meeting with a less active that hadn't come to church since he was 12. He was 23 by this time and no one had really asked him to do anything. Well he came to church the past three weeks, repented of his sins and bore his testimony this Sunday. It is truly amazing what we can achieve when being guided by the Holy Ghost to know what to say.

Thanks for all of your support! I love you guys, and if you ever need anything, I'm here.

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