Monday, March 28, 2016

March 21, 2016

Montag- after shopping we got two pizzas at, Pizza Mann, with a two for one coupon we got in the mail. It is probably the best pizza I've had since I've been in Europe, haha! We both got Hawaiian. Then we emailed on Innenstadt. After emailing we went to get an appointment for Elder Walkers VISA at the Rathaus but there were to many people we
didn't en up getting an appointment. After that we looked around at some shops and talked to the Sisters we went finding. Before we went home we went to the church because we had to take a survey/test thing for the church to see how our German is doing. Then we went home, had dinner and planned! :)

Dienstag- in the morning we went and got Elder Walker a VISA appointment and then had distriktsversammlung. It was the best distriktsversammlung I've had! After we had all brought food to eat lunch at the church. It is always fun to eat with the district. After the district left on their train we went street contacting. I talked to a lady and she listened but said she wasn‘t interested. Then Elder Walker asked where she was from. She said she was from Russia. (We surprisingly meet a lot of Russians here, haha!) It just so happens that Elder Walker was carrying a "Книга Мормона" (Book of Mormon)! She was really quit surprised and became interested! We gave her the Book and explained our Church. She asked us our names and asked what "Elder" meant. For some reason Elder Walker knew how to say it in Russian. She said that she would read in the Book and left. That has been the first person to actually talk with us in a while, so hopefully she reads! After contacting we went home, ate and planned.

Mittwoch- we went to the Church to do our Deutsch Kurs for the Persians. It turned out they had another Kurs that took all day so we went finding instead. We were getting destroyed on the street, Hahaha! No one wanted to talk with us. They would ignore us or say "Vergessen Sie es" (forget it). One lady pulled up her phone right when Elder Walker tried to talk to her. A bunch of teenagers saw it and started laughing at us. Once of them said "sie ist Komplett vorbeigangen, (sorry).” Which is incorrect German, hahaha! But he was Austrian so it is to be expected. Then we started heading back to the
Church for GMK. I must have mistaken the time and there was still an hour until GMK. So we turned around before we got to the Church to do some more finding. We could have taken the Straßenbahn back but I felt prompted to walk. When we started contacting no one talked to us. Before leaving we stopped one more person but he didn't listen so we started towards the Straßenbahn. Then we heard a man say, "Hey jungs!" We stopped and started talking with him. He basically referred himself and gave us his number and address. He called us to make sure it was the right number and put us as a contact. He wants to meet with us again! He seems really cool! It was one of the coolest pong entails I've gotten. After that we had GMK and went home for dinner and planning.

Donnerstag- after studies we went by on some members but two of them don't live in the same apartments anymore and the other one wasn't there. :P After we went to the Church to finish up our invitations for the baptism on Sunday and round everything out which took the rest of the day.

Freitag- we did studies, then had an eating appointment at Sister
Dafalias with the Graham's. It was really good and so much food!! It was a 6 course meal, I think. Then we went to the church to help set up for the Persian New Year party for Saturday. No one showed up so we went home and did weekly planning, which took the rest of our day.

Samstag- after studies we went to the church to help set up for the Persian New Year party. The party started at 4:00 and went the rest of the night.

Sonntag- after choir and sacrament meeting we had our investigator class that Brother Ausobsky taught. It was about enduring until the end. Then we had our Persian Priesthood class while we filled up the font with water. After church we got the Persians dressed in their baptismal clothes. They thanked us for teaching them the “Joseph Smith course” (that is what they call it), haha. :D Then we went into the chapel for the baptismal service. We had Mahsa, one of our translators, translate the talks into Persian for them. I gave the first talk about baptism. Then we went into the baptismal room for the baptisms! :) The baptisms went smoothly. It was amazing how strong the Spirit was. We went back into the chapel and Sister Mickelson gave the second talk on the gift of the Holy Ghost. After one of the Persians, Rahoolah, thanked the ward for their support and trust. Which Mahsa translated into German. Then we had some food and went home for studies.

~~So on to the spiritual minute of the day!!! Da da da da dada da da!!!!

On Wednesday we were getting denied pretty hardcore! If we would've been able to have a conversation with even one person we would've never met Thomas. It was all for a good reason but we just couldn't see how it was going to all play out. We could've complained because in that short moment nothing was working out but we would've never have met Thomas. In an earlier email I wrote about how sometimes people live with their hands right in front of their face. Sometimes it's nice to take a step back and get the whole picture.


Persian New Year


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