Monday, February 15, 2016

February 8, 2016

This week has been crazy! It was mostly normal but it got pretty crazy by the end. Fasching/Carnival was going on, which is basically Mardi Gras. It's a Catholic holiday were you go crazy and do whatever you want. Then you go to church on Ash Wednesday and repent of everything. It's a huge European thing.

Montag- we got groceries at Lidl then got a Döner like usual. ;) After we got our hair cut at a Turk place. The first time we got our hair cut there we ended up teaching the entire parlor so they remembered us. Then we went to get some photos printed and Elder Walkers shoes repaired. We went to play basketball with the Persians and the Sisters when we were done there. It was so nice to wear normal clothes!! It was supper fun and everyone stopped and watched because they got to see actual Americans play some b-ball…hahaha! Sister Berry is actually pretty good, she played in college. Then we went to email! Then finding it was but nothing turned out from finding :P

Dienstag- we had Distrikts Versammlung in the morning and Elder Walker and I talked about accountability. The Zone leaders were there because they were going to Austausch with the district leaders. We had a Döner for lunch and went street contacting. We came home a little early that night to do area book work and write our "Fortschritts Bericht" (sorry idk what it's called in English). Then we ate dinner which was homemade Schnitzel! I think I am a master of the Schnitzel now it's like one of the most common things we eat….haha!
Mittwoch- we did studies in the morning then had Deutsch course at 11:30. After the course we taught the Persians about the temple. It was a little ruff at the start but turned out being good. They want to visit the Salt Lake Temple. We made a bunch of pizza for us and the Persians for lunch. Then we went dooring before we had GMK (ward mission correlation meeting). The Sisters were having such a bad day because everything fell through for them. One of their investigators was mad at them and they forgot there Fortschritts Bericht for GMK. We then walked home from GMK which was nice. Sometimes it's nice to just walk and wind down.

Donnerstag- so we thought it'd be nice to bake the Sisters a cake because the day before was so bad. We even put it on a silver platter! They asked for our Persian bible that day so we brought the cake with us. They were so happy about the cake…haha! Then we went to the Linz Rat House to get me an active pass so my tickets around would be cheaper. Then we headed back for lunch at Sprach Studium. After that we went dooring in Solar City. We only had time to door for a little bit. We needed to hook our iPads up to wifi for about a half an hour. We do this so the church can take information from a language test we did. Then it was time for dinner so we went home. For dinner we had Weißwurst! It was actually pretty good and is a typical German meal!
Freitag- we did studies then took a train to Ansfelden for an eating appointment with the Obermayers. It was so good! We had soup, rice, chicken wings, salad and sour kraut. Then we took a train home and changed at McDonald's to go play basketball with the Sisters and Persians. There was four new Persians there this time. One spoke really good German and another one spoke really good English. Who knew that playing basketball would actually be a good finding tool!?…Haha…I've actually herd about some missionaries here challenging people to basketball and if they win they get to teach the first lesson…haha! After basketball we got a drink at Hofer then went to the church to help decorate for a party. Then we went home for weekly planning and dinner.

Samstag- we had Deutsch course then ate lunch at a pretty nice restaurant. We had coupons so the price wasn’t that bad. The food was pretty good! It was Fasching so everyone was dressed up real weird! It's pretty much the same thing as Mardi Gras but in Europe. Then we went to the church Fasching party for the kids which was super fun. Most of the ward was there. After we went down to check out Fasching on Innenstadt (downtown). It was actually real sketchy. If you are wearing a tie during Fasching the girls are suppose to cut it off then kiss you which I did not know until after! Luckily nothing happened!! Phewww... It was crazy they had Poliezi everywhere. Innenstadt was blocked off with barricades so that the drunk people wouldn't get out into the city. Nothing like that started until latter so we really didn‘t see anything going on. Then we went and ate at Subway for dinner and went home.
Sonntag- this was the best day ever! We woke up went to choir practice, then greeted everyone. Then Brother Ausobsky came up and talked to us and said the Persians were cleared to be baptized!!!!!! :D It's so crazy! He talked to the Stake Presidents in the area, the 70 and President Kohler and they ok'd it! Then in our investigator class we told the Sisters. Sister Berry almost started crying. We were all so happy! Brother Ausobsky taught our investigator class and told them to start preparing for baptism! They knew it could be dangerous but they said we are already in danger for being here. Plus, they have already been baptized as Christians. So we will see who will accept the baptismal commitment on Wednesday this week. It is so amazing seeing something like this happen. It should be within about a month or so. President Kohler is probably going to do the baptismal interviews. After church we went home did study's and made cinnamon hazelnut pancakes. :)

The spiritual thought for this week is to make everything an adventure!
Most of my life I have always been disappointed or mad when something bad happens. Like if my tire popped or I took the wrong bus. Ever since I've been out on my mission I've just
learned to not worry about the little things. If it weren't for things like that my life would be so boring! Life gets so much better when you learn to embrace everything you can't change and work through the things you can! :) I learned this from one of my uncles and it has been some of the greatest advice!

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