Monday, February 15, 2016

February 15, 2016

This week was pretty good if I do say so myself! It has been kind of stressful but all worth it!

Montag- after studies and groceries we went to this really nice furniture place to get some schnitzel. It's a long story….hahaha! Jk We got some coupons in the mail for schnitzel there. It was quite tasty! After that we headed to the church and made Pizza with the Persians, then played soccer and basketball! Then we went finding but nothing turned out:(

Dienstag- in the morning we took a train to Salzburg for zone training. Zone training was pretty good! Sister Berry gave her dying testimony and that was pretty sad! :( She goes home this transfer. We ate at Burgerista for lunch which is always good, then we all took
a train back and luckily we got a booth! When we got back we did studies and had dinner.

Mittwoch- in the morning we had our Deutsch course for the Persians. Then we had a lesson with them which I was really nervous for! Mainly because it was the lesson we were asking them to be baptized. Everything went well even though we didn't have a translator. All of them except for 1 of them accepted! :D Omid wants to get baptized but he doesn't feel ready yet. We told him that we are always there for him and will eventually prepare him for baptism. The other one Iman was sick that day but in a latter lesson accepted. They gave us hugs and thanked us for everything! The date is for the 27th of February. We had lunch finished studies and went finding with two of our ward missionaries. I taught with Klaus and Elder Walker with Brother Mayer. We went dooring in a complex which turned out really successful! One of the doors Klaus and I knocked on a lady answered. She said they didn't have interest and closed the door but moments later the door opened again and there was a pretty girl my age. She said but I have interest!! So we talked with her on the door for quite a while and got her number. We also gave her a Book of Mormon. Her name is Carmin and she speaks hardcore dialect!! She is seriously the coolest!!! Elder Walker and Brother Mayer also made out a lesson appointment with someone while they were dooring. Then we went to the church and had GMK.

Donnerstag- I woke up in the morning and was sick! :( So we stayed home all day :P
We text Carmin but apparently I wrote down the wrong number... So we are planning on going back to get the right number and maybe set up an appointment :)

Freitag- I was a little sick but better than I was. At 11:00 we went up into Lichtenberg my favorite place!!! :D We did service for Emil Ivanovski. We worked on his house which he wants me to come see when it's finished after my mission. After that we came home and had dinner.

Samstag- after the Deutsch course we had another lesson with the Persians and went through all the lessons with them to make sure they understood everything. We also planned out all of our appointments up until the baptism. Then came home and did the rest of our studies, lunch and weekly planning.

Sonntag- we didn't have choir because our choir leader was sick. Church was really good and we had translation for the Persians! After church we ate at the Erlacher's it was really fun I love their family! After that we came home and did studies!

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