Monday, January 4, 2016

January 4, 2016

Hello everyone! This week has been really quite good being New Years and all. It is also currently snowing which makes me really happy! :)

Monday we went a little ways out of town to go trachten shopping. I didn't plan on getting Lederhosen this early but they were half off for the New Years so I had to. I love them! After that we went to die Familie Erlacher. Their kids are so adorable!! And that was all of our day!

Tuesday we did studies then went to a district meeting. We usually eat lunch as a district before we start which is really nice. It help us get to know the district members better! After district meeting we did German study at the church and then taught the Persians! :) We taught them about fasting and the word of wisdom and how fasting is a great way to help gain strength to keep the word of wisdom. The word of wisdom wasn't to hard for them to follow because they are all athletes like wrestlers, soccer players, physical trainers and such. The one thing was black tee,. It is a really big part of their culture so it is hard for them to stop but they are still going strong so that's good! We went finding on Landstra├če after the lesson then had ward mission correlation meeting which went well! That was our Tuesday.

Wednesday morning we had apartment inspections, which went well! Then we did service for a less active, Emil Ivanovski. We always help him out, he is such a cool guy. Plus he gave us two sleds and two snow bikes!! We helped him move some guys stuff out of his cellar for a refugee home to use. After that we finished studies and that took up the rest of our day.

Thursday, after studies we went to the church to make an appointment with the embassy in Wien (Vienna). Elder Albrecht needs to get his power of attorney set up. Which means in two weeks we get to spend our p day in Wien!! :D After that we helped the Sisters make baked apples, which tasted amazing (porps to the Sisters), then played soccer with the Persians. We had an appointment with a potential and were supposed to meet him outside of McDonald's but he never showed up. :(.. That night we were invited to the Graham's, the senior couple in Linz, for a New Years party! It was the Sisters, the Elders from Haag and us. We had chips and dip, soda, brownies and kinder punsch. (If you have never had kinder punch search how to make it and try some it's amazing!!) The Graham's bought fireworks so that’s what we did later that night….btw, bottle rockets are perfectly legal here ;)

Friday we had a joint teach to teach this guy, named Gabriel, that came to church with his son. His wife died in September and after that happened he started drinking a little. One day his son, who is 18, decided he wanted to go to a church. His dad suggested they go to the LDS church. We talked about all of his life up until now and found out that him and his wife were baptized into the church back in Romania. He is fluent in Romanian, French, German, Russian and a bit of English. He is from Israel. His life story is pretty sad though! After our teach we had weekly planning and went finding for the rest of the night.

Saturday we went to a Deutsch course that one of the members does for free at the church. All of the Persians came because they are trying to learn German. Then we taught the Persians the law of chastity. It was a little hard with the language barrier and all
but it went well. Then we had to joint teach with the Sisters. We taught a guy named Markus that is getting baptized on the 16th! He is pretty cool. The rest of the night we went finding.

Sunday was a really good fast Sunday for all of our investigators because people talked about missionary work. We didn't have a translator for the Persians so we just listened to a translated talk by Dieter F Uchdorf.

I have to go because I don't have anymore time but I will send my spiritual thought next week!


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