Thursday, December 31, 2015

December 28, 2015

Anyways so this week has been really crazy because Christmas, of course!! I tried to write down all of the things that happened this week so that's good. This email is only from Wednesday because the other days were in my last email.

Wednesday was good because we went caroling with the stake presidents family, which was really fun! We had bells, Santa hats and a bongo, haha. For some reason whenever we carol it led to someone giving us chocolate, which I have SO MUCH OF NOW!!! I guess that's not a bad thing but I'll probably get fat... That night we had a joint teach with the sisters to teach Markus. It was a really big lesson for them because they committed him to baptism!!! Yay!!!! Hopefully he follows through with it. He's a cool cat.

Thursday we went caroling and delivered the Vanillekipferl cookies to the people we got the ingredients from. After that we went to Gottes Dienst at the church where they sing songs and pretty much just act out the nativity. Then we went over to the Wagners! Sister Wagner is so funny!! She also makes really good food! In Österreich they celebrate Christmas on the 24th. It was really fun we went around the room and talked about our Christmas traditions. After every person we would sing a Christmas song then go to the next person. They actually got us gifts!!! I was not expecting that at all! I got a nice tie, more chocolate…haha and socks. After that we ate. Sweet mama her food is delicious! We had a cake at the end that was sooooo gooooood! Probably because it had Hazelnut in it. But then again they put hazelnut in literally everything over here! And yes of course I got the recipe. I would sent it to you guys but it's in German. If you still want it just email me. After that we went home and slept.

Fri(IT'S CHRISTMAS!)day, we opened up our presents first thing that morning! I loved everything I got! Just because it was from home, family and friends! :) After studies we went to the Erlacher's. We had a big meal with their whole family. We taught them all how to play clue! Crazy right!? None of them had ever played it! Then we went to the church to SKYPE!! :D It was so good to see my family and cousins! I could have talked to them forever. After skyping we went home.

Saturday we went to a huge meal at a different Erlacher's house. We had turkey, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, gravy and pretty much anything you could ever imagine! I was so full after that! Then we went home and did weekly planning which took up our day.

Sunday we showed up for church, had choir practice, and then boom President Kohler and Sister Kohler walk in! It was so random, haha! It was really good to see them. Plus that day there happened to be 14 investigators show up! President and Sister Kohler both gave their testimonies in sacrament and it was super good! President Kohler even taught our investigator class which was crazy with so many people! After church we went home and did studies.

Yup that was my week! It was really fun and probably will be one of the most rememberable times of my mission.

One of the things I learned this week was...
Progress improves when you measure it. When you set goals, measure and constantly evaluate them your progress rapidly improves.

If any of you are just working, going to school or just what ever you are doing ect... I would like to extend a challenge to you all. Set at least 1 or 2 goals to achieve by a certain time. Write it down and put it where you can see it everyday. Then work towards that goal and constantly evaluate it. If we go bye just living life we never improve. If you are constantly trying to better yourself you will be a lot happier down the road with who you are and what you have become.

Well I hope these emails help you guys and are fun to read! :) Until next week.

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