Wednesday, June 14, 2017

June 6, 2017


Hallo! I'm doing pretty good! Just wanted to send out a quick little
update as to what's gone down as of late.

     So I'm currently serving in Landshut Germany. It's in the state
of Bayern and about an hour away from Munich. I've been here for about
a month and a half now and I'm doing pretty great. It's a pretty big
city, but there's just a lot of old people and not that many younger
people so it's challenging to find the people who aren't so set on
their own religion hah. The work is going good and it's getting
better. I just got a new companion named Elder Mackris last week. He's
from Virginia and he is really cool. He's a well rounded guy and I
think we'll get some good work done together. I also love my current
district so much! We have some great people we're working with! We are
teaching a couple of people in the moment and they are slowly making
progress, but we will hopefully be able to find some new people too in
the next couple of weeks. I'm have also picked up learning Italian for
the past bit now and it's really helping us find a lot more people. I
would also like to carry on with Italian after my mission.
     It is just crazy to me how fast the time has gone by on my
mission I just wish I could stay here forever! I currently have about
three months left on my mission and I'm really torn about it on both
sides. But that is just all the more reason lose myself in the work
and to really improve these next couple of months so carry on after

I love you all and wish you a wonderful week! Thanks for all of your
support! Phiat euch!
 ~Elder Ashcroft~


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