Thursday, December 1, 2016

November 20, 2016

Just a real quick story!
Someone ordered a Book of Mormon online and agreed to have the missionaries (us) bring one by. We didn't really have time to do it but we eventually made it out to her house by bus. We knocked on the door and introduced ourselves. She was really happy to see us and invited us in. They have a really nice house by the way. Her husband works in Switzerland. We greeted the husband and he was super nice. We sat down and she got us some water. We started talking with them and found out that she was trying to track us down because she wanted a Book of Mormon. She was wanting to learn more about the church. She had been to the church two times and talked with someone from Salt Lake multiple times online. She even rang the doorbell at our apartment. All for the sake of coming in contact with the church. So that's why she was so happy when we came by. We talked about the Book of Mormon and explained a little about it. Right after I asked them why they ordered the book in the first place she started telling us about this intricate dream she had.
She was outside a big Temple with three big spires and a big front door. She said that there were three sets of doors. She felt so at peace and felt one of the best, happiest feelings she's ever felt. Then there were other people walking around outside the Temple, and she started talking to these people. She had noticed they were taking the Temple for granted but somehow she knew how great it was!
That was all of her dream. We were really quite shocked when we heard this! She said that after the dream she wanted to find this place, so she searched the internet for it. At first she thought it was Solomon's Temple but wasn't sure. Then she found it. The exact same Temple and place that was in her dream. It was the Salt Lake Temple! So she really wants to go there. This is crazy how she has been being prepared but whats even crazier is that her husband has had, as of late, the sudden interest in Jesus Christ and finding what is really true. He started reading through the Bible. They've been being prepared together! She said how she wanted to go to the Temple but knew the you have to be baptized in order to go to the there. We talked about the lessons and how our job as missionaries is to help people come unto Christ through the gospel and that we do this through 5 lessons. And that after the lesson we baptize them. We asked if they had interest in taking the lessons. Her eyes lit up she said yes realy fast. She then looked at her husband for support and he also said, “sure why not!?” We taught them the first lesson and it was funny because she just sat really still listening with wide eyes. The lesson went really well. They had a few questions but understood it pretty well. At the end they had a question or two about the word of wisdom because, they heard, or read about it somewhere. It was if we eat pig or not. We clarified a little and they had no complaints. They even seemed to be ok with the thought of not eating pig meat, haha! We said a prayer together and we're getting ready to leave. They didn't seem to want us to leave. She kept offering us some cake. It happened to be her birthday. We sang happy birthday and she blew the candles out. She's turned 32 and her husband is 36. We ate cake and talked with them for about 15 minute more then left. They are coming to church this week and we are meeting with them on Monday to teach the next lesson. :)
I also felt the ancestors of this family that day confirming that they are helping so that their work can be done in the spirit world. He is also really into the stories of his ancestors and thinks that part of the church is really cool and how we are baptized for them in the temple.
Cool right!?

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