Monday, July 4, 2016

July 4, 2016

Hello family and friends! It has been another wonderful week here in Zollikofen. This week has been filled with appointments, some finding and mostly planning for things coming up!

So first of all we got transfer calls and Elder Kilgore and I will be staying together in Zollikofen for another transfer. One of my good friends from the MTC is going to be our new Zone leader. That should be awesome! :D We started off our week amazingly; in the mountains (Grindelwald)! It was our District P day. It was a lot of fun. The next day we had Zone Training in Bern, which went ok. The next day we had three member appointments!!! We got to know Sridar, a member, really well. He is really cool! We agreed to do early morning exercise with him, which was a horrible idea at first. It’s ok now! Haha He is really really fit so it destroys us. I have been feeling so good lately because of it though. The next day we got permission to leave our area to visit a member in the Burgdorfs area. Then the next day we had a great lesson with Gabrielle. At first she said she wasn't going to come to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir in Zürich but now she's coming! :)

So there is this youth group containing all of the youth from the Adriatic north mission that are doing a Temple trip here in Zollikofen. Normally they go to the Freiberg Temple in Germany but it is currently closed. So they are coming here! They contacted our mission president and he told them that we can help with everything. We have been planning and emailing back and forth like crazy this past week. The people who are putting all of this together are the mission couples from the Adriatic mission. The youth aren't planned to be here until Tuesday, but the Mission couples came this Sunday. It has been really awesome planning for this, and we are excited! There was a pretty crazy miracle that happened on Sunday. A member from Japan was visiting. He was very old. Well it so turns out that one of the mission couples husbands served his mission in Japan about 50 years ago. So he could speak with the man. Since it was Fast and testimony meeting we went up to bear his testimony and the Husband translated it into English, because most of the members understand English. He talked about how he had dreamed of coming to Switzerland ever since he was a boy and how he saved up his money until he had enough to come here. He was so grateful and almost cried. After church some members fed him lunch to help save more money. Now the miracle was, the one time in this mans life that he came to Switzerland was the one day that the guy that served in Japan happened to be there too.

So on to the spiritual thought of the week. :)

I have been listening to the April 1996 General Conference talks as of lately, it is the year I was born, and I have come across a lot of great things. My spiritual thought for the week is from one of these talks that I really liked. Read the passage below.

“‘Words do not convey meanings; they call them forth.’ I speak out of the context of my experience, and you listen out of the context of yours, and that is why communication is difficult” (David O. McKay, as quoted by Lowell L. Bennion, in Conference Report, Apr. 1968, 94; or Improvement Era, June 1968, 90).
So if this is true, then what is the best way to communicate with others and be unified? Well he goes on to answer saying this...

"The Holy Ghost is the third member of the Godhead, sent forth by God to reveal all needful things. He teaches and testifies with divine power and clarity. His witness may go unheard or unheeded, forsaken or denied, but it is never misunderstood. “The Holy Ghost is a revelator” (Joseph Smith, Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, sel. Joseph Fielding Smith [1976], 328). That which is received of him has a more powerful effect upon the soul than anything else received in any other way. A millennium of experience through sight, sound, touch, taste, smell, and all the powers of the universe combined cannot approach the sublime and complete experience of one brief moment under the influence of the Holy Ghost.

The Holy Ghost is a spirit personage. He has power to speak to the spirit of every man and woman, boy and girl. His message is conveyed with absolute certainty. This revealed knowledge constitutes a personal testimony and witness of the truth" -Bishop Keith B. McMullin

I know of the power of the Holy Ghost is real. Other people can feel when you have the Holy Ghost with you. A lot of times investigators wonder why everything makes sense when we teach them but when we leave it’s not as clear. It's because of the Holy Ghost being with us. Think of times when you have had the Holy Ghost really strong and then when you haven't at all. I know for me that everything makes so much more sense and is clear when I have the Holy Ghost with me. It is of major importance for us to qualify for the Holy Ghost so we can stay strong in the Gospel. When we, ourselves, are strong in the Gospel we can help others.

Well I hope everyone has had a fantastic week! :) If you need anything just write me.

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